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Public Service of Sri Lanka

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Public service is a service intended to serve all people in the country. The Public Services of Sri Lanka are a series of services groups that provide specialized professional services to the Government of Sri Lanka. The most senior of these is the Sri Lanka Administrative Service which is the country's permanent bureaucracy.  Other services are Sri Lanka Overseas Service, Sri Lanka Police Service, Sri Lanka Customs Service, Sri Lanka Educational Administrative Service, Sri Lanka Immigration Service, Sri Lanka Inland Revenue


The Sri Lanka Administrative Service (SLAS) is the top
Development Officers' Service (Programme Officers’ Service
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Vivamus vel eros eget magna volutpat sagittis. Nulla

Public Service Fast Facts

1.528 Million employees in Public Service of Sri Lanka

Total public sector employment increased by 61,000 to 1.528 million at end 2020 compared to 1.467 million in 2019. This

Largest employer in the country

The Sri Lankan Government is the largest employer in the country. Their employees are selected by competitive

Ceylon Civil Service Established in 1833

The Ceylon Civil Service, popularly known by its acronym CCS, was the premier civil service of the Government of Ceylon

World 1st Open Competition for Public Service 1893

The first open competition for the service was held in England in June, 1893, and 10 top candidates were appointed as