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Public service is a service intended to serve all people in the country. The Public Services of Sri Lanka are a series of services groups that provide specialized professional services to the Government of Sri Lanka. The most senior of these is the Sri Lanka Administrative Service which is the country's permanent bureaucracy.  Other services are Sri Lanka Overseas Service, Sri Lanka Police Service, Sri Lanka Customs Service, Sri Lanka Educational Administrative Service, Sri Lanka Immigration Service, Sri Lanka Inland Revenue Service, Sri Lanka Accountants' Service and etc.

The major role of the public service is to support the Government by carrying out policy analysis and bringing forward policy proposals designed to achieve government objectives by translating policy decisions into action. These actions may be carried out by the public service itself or combination with others. Another role is to deliver a wide range of services, and apply the regulations that result from public policy decisions. On any given day, public employees deliver many services, from customs services to waste management, and from agricultural research to food inspection. These represent some of the goods and services that Sri Lankans, as represented in Parliament, have decided to provide for themselves through delivery by the public service. The third role of the public service is to deal with issues that never make their way onto the public and political stage. These administrative practices are developed in the context of the administrative framework legislated by Parliament.