1.528 Million employees in Public Service of Sri Lanka

Total public sector employment increased by 61,000 to 1.528 million at end 2020 compared to 1.467 million in 2019. This includes employees in ministries, departments, district secretariats, divisional secretariats, provincial councils and semi-government institutions. However, The employed population decreased to 7.999 million in 2020 from 8.181 million in 2019, a fall of 182,000 (2.22 per cent), according to the Central Bank of Sri Lanka’s (CBSL’s) 2020 Annual Report.

The increase observed in public sector employment was due to the Government programme to provide jobs for 60,000 unemployed graduates and 100,000 persons in the lowest income earners. Meanwhile, the decline in overall employment was caused by the declines observed, particularly in temporary and casual categories of employment in industry and services.