Development Officers' Service

Development Officers' Service (Programme Officers’ Service) was gazzeted and established In year 2012, according to the government programe for recruiting graduates to the Public Service. The main objective is to obtain the services of graduates for the country’s development programs and get them act as liaison officers between the rural population and the Government. Graduate Service officer's role consists of tasks such as investigation, co llection/analysis of information and data, submission of reports, surveys which are supportive to the role of executive levels in th e achievement of expected objectives of development programmes implemented by the government, is entrusted to the officers holding these posts.

The Government recruited 51,420 graduates into the public service in year 2012. It was the first time that a Government is absorbing the highest number of graduates to the State sector with the objective of strengthening the public service by obtaining their services to meet people’s needs at national and regional levels for accelerated development. The graduate trainees who were recruited in 2012 received an allowance of Rs.10, 000 per month in their training period. 16,478 graduates had been assigned to the Ministry of Economic Development “Divi Naguma” Development Project. Most of the graduates were recruited to divisional secretariat offices among the 25 districts of the country. Local Government and Provincial Councils had assigned a another large number of graduate trainees to all Provincial Councils in the country in accordance with their requirements. After that government has recruited many graduates into the Public Service under Development Officers' Service time to time.

Entry qualification for the Development Officers' Service is a degree from a university recognized by the University Grants Commission. Minimum age limit is 21 year and maximum is 35 years. The candidates from whom applications are called by public notification shall be recruited on the basis of the marks obtained at a structured interview by a board appointed by the Director General of Combined Services, and no written examination or professional test is required.