JICA Knowledge Co-Creation Program

The KCCP for Young Leaders is a cooperative program, aimed at human resource development for future generations, designed to provide basic program to young people from developing countries in Asia, Africa, South America, Pacific regions and the Middle East. Under these programs, future leaders in the nation-building efforts of developing countries are invited to Japan as technical training participants to acquire techniques and knowledge that will support them in configuring systems upon their return.

Today, JICA as a whole accepts some 11,500 participants annually from developing countries all over the world. These are personnel working in a diverse range of sectors, including development planning, governmental administration, public works, transportation, social infrastructure, information and communications, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, mining, trade, tourism, capacity development, health, social security, and more.

This program will be implemented as part of the Official Development Assistance of the Government of Japan based on bilateral agreement between both governments. Applications are now called for 2022 program. With regard to the more information, please refer following document published by ministry of public administration.