Super luxury bus service begins operations on Expressway

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The first super luxury bus introduced by the Sri Lanka Transport Board (SLTB) on the Southern Expressway began operations yesterday morning from Maharagama.

This bus service will daily operate from the Maharagama and Galle bus stands from 6 am to 5 pm. A bus will be operated in both directions every two hours.

The imported buses have 42 seats and have TV facilities, safety seat belts, automated doors and windows with digital name plates as well. Seat belts are mandatory for all passengers.

A passenger will pay Rs 380 at the start of the journey from the Kottawa entry/exit point. Rs 400 will be charged, if a passenger begins the journey from Maharagama.

Transport Minister Kumara Welgama said at the launching ceremony at Maharagama that luxury buses were purchased by the SLTB with a concern for passenger safety. The value of a 42-seat super luxury bus is Rs 11 million.

He said the SLTB has granted the route allocation of 40 percent, while private buses were granted the balance 60 percent of route allocations by the NTC.

The number of buses operating on the Expressway will be increased according to passengers' needs.


Low quality songs play at CTB Super Luxery Bus No: NB 5529

I travelled to Maharagama to Galle on 30th March 2013 by the CTB Super Luxery Bus No: NB 5529. I selected to by this this Super Luxery Service since we are given excellent service and we can travel in very peacefully. But I found extreamly difficulties during my journey since the bus driver and the conductor played very indecent songs in a very loud volume. Not only me but also entire commuters had this problem. Few foreigners also traveled in this bus. We pay Rs.470/= per journey in order to get very good service. None of the decent commuters need to listen low quality songs in side the bus.It is a utter nuisance. Please play very good quality programs such as wild life discoveries or quality songs such as Mr. Amaradeva, Mr.CT fernando etc.

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