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Sri Lanka Police Service

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The Sri Lanka Police Service is the civilian national police force of the country. The police force includes approximately 85,000 manpower. It is responsible for enforcing criminal and traffic law, enhancing public safety, maintaining order and keeping the peace throughout Sri Lanka. In recent past years with the Sri Lankan civil war, the police service has become an integral part of maintaining of the nation's security, with primarily focusing on internal security.

The professional head of the police is the Inspector General of Police who reports to the minister of defense, when the Police service in under the Ministry of Defence as it is currently (2011-2012). In case of emergency, any civilian in Sri Lanka can reach the police by dialing 119 from any telephone. You can gain detailed information about Sri Lankan Police by visiting their web site www.police.lk.

Police Service according to the Police Rank Structure / Insignia.

Gazetted Officers

Senior gazetted officers


Inspector General of Police (IGP) - පොලිස්පති



Senior Deputy Inspector General of Police (SDIG) - ජේෂ්ඨ නියෝජ්‍ය පොලිස්පති



Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG) - නියෝජ්‍ය පොලිස්පති




Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) - ජේෂ්ඨ පොලිස් අධිකාරී



Superintendent of Police (SP) - පොලිස් අධිකාරී



Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) - සහකාර පොලිස් අධිකාරී


Junior Gazetted Officers


Chief Inspector of Police (CIP) - ජේෂ්ඨ පොලිස් පරීක්ෂක



Inspector of Police (IP) - පොලිස් පරීකෂක



Sub Inspector of Police (SI) - උප පොලිස් පරීක්ෂක



Non-Gazetted Officers


Police Sergeant Major (PSM) - සාජන්ට් මේජර්



Police Sergeant Class 1 (PS) - පොලිස් සාජන් 1 පංතිය



 Police Sergeant Class 2 (PS) - පොලිස් සාජන් 2 පංතිය



Police Constable Class 1 (PC) - පොලිස් කොස්තාපල් 1 පංතිය


Police Constable Class 2 (PC) - පොලිස් කොස්තාපල් 2 පංතිය


Police Constable Class 3 (PC) - පොලිස් කොස්තාපල් 3 පංතිය


Police Constable Class 4 (PC) - පොලිස් කොස්තාපල් 4 පංතිය



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