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Sep 2013

Sinhala & Tamil New Year 2013

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Sinhala & Tamil New Year (Aluth Awurudda) falls on April 14th this year. This happens according to the Sinhalese mythology when the sun moves from Meena Rashiya to Mesha Rashiya. It is marked as the end of harvest & spring. This Aluth Awuruddha is really an important national celebration for both the cultures of the Sinhalese people & the Tamil people.

There are many customs & rituals that are believe by people those who celebrate this day. The all custom of this day is commenced by the auspicious bathing on last day of previous year. Then there is a time as the Astrology says without any auspicious time. It is called as “Nonagathaya” or “Punya Kalaya”. Generally people devote this time to perform religious practices. They stop their all works & activities & visit for the religious places like temples, kovils to accrue merit & to get blessings from the monks. Activities related to the celebration of the traditional New Year is based on auspicious times given by the astrologers. It is called as awurudu litha.

2013 New Year Auspicious Times