Recruitment of Graduates to the Sri Lanka Teachers' Service for National Schools Vacancies - 2013 (Sinhala, Tamil & English)

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APPLICATIONS are called from graduates for the recruitment to Grade 3-1 of the Sri Lanka Teachers' Service as per the Teachers' Service Minute to fill in vacancies in the National Schools in the island. A competitive examination will be conducted in future by the Commissioner General of Examination on behalf of the candidates who apply relevant to the gazette notice April 12 2013.

Requirements to applty:
(i) Should be a Sri Lankan citizen ;
(ii) Should possess a moral character and be in sound health ;
(iii) Should be not less than 18 years of age and not more than 35 years of age as at 03.05.2013.

Educational qualifications
(i) Should have obtained as at 03.05.2013 a degree recognized by the University Grants Comission and
in the fields of subjects determined by the Ministry of Education. Should apply only for the teacher vacancies relevant to the main subjects taken for the degree.
(ii) Based on the policy recognized by the Ministry of Education, the G. C. E. (O/L) and the G. C. E. (A/L)
examinations should have been passed in the following manner :
* Should have passed the G. C. E. (O/L) Examination at one time in 6 subjects with 3 credit passes including the mother tongue and Mathematics in not more than two sittings.
* Should have passed the G. C. E. (A/L) Examination at one time in three subjects.
Note: Those who have passed the examinations considered equivalent to the G. C. E. (O/L) and the G. C. E. (A/L) Examinations by the Commissioner General of Examinations can also apply

For Applications and more information please refer the 2013 - 04 - 12 Gazette > Sinhala, Tamil, English



my rank is 64 & marks 110.but interview letter awe ne.anyone got the letter for chemistry.

Teaching interviews

Did anyone receive interviews for combined Mathematics English Medium? Do they interview 30 for 15 vacancies? How do we know about district rank?

yaluwane, Interview letter

yaluwane, Interview letter enne marks ewana letter 1ta passeda? mata marks daala letter1 awith thiyanwa. interview letter1k naha. e kiyanne mata interview letter1k enne na kiyana ekada?

Service minutes

Guys please refer this says there will be two will check your Paper qualifications and no marks will be given.we received letter for that interview.after that there will be another interview which will check our subject knowledge and marks will be given for that.ok



subject knowledge balanne nadda

interview ekedi certificates balanawa witharada?ape subject knowledge balanne nadda?

matale interview

matale ayata interview awada?
reply me pls

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I also got my results 2day.

I also got my results 2day. Kaluthara district IT (sinhala Medium) Marks : 108 , Rank : 37.. Interview ai call karaida???

Did u get ur letter for

Did u get ur letter for interview dr!

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No, no letter for interview

No, no letter for interview

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Pending Result

Let me know is there any chance to Degree pending Result ?
I have received letter for interview.But my issue is still i didn't receive the Final result of the degree. As per the University confirmation they will release the result end of this month.

So i want to know , Is there any chance to get the appointment ? Please give me a quick response for this.

The effective date of your

The effective date of your degree should be a date before the appointment date. That's the only thing they consider.

Effective date

Is that so?? My Effective date is July 01,, Is it not affect to the selection? I received my intvw letter. But I'm very afraid ciz if the degree certificate n detail certificate. Our final semi results also pending. But our complete date is July 01.. Is it ok??plz any know abt this.. Reply me..,

Pending results...!!!

After completing your degree (on the Graduation/Convocation day) the University grants you a certificate and they indicate a certain date on the certificate. That date is the EFFECTIVE DATE of your degree. It's not the date that your final examination was held.If you still have pending results that means you have not completed your degree yet.You cannot complete the degree after getting the appointment.That's why the appointment date need to be compatible with the effective date of your degree.

in the gazzert they have

in the gazzert they have mentioned the effective date.
As the degree is basic requirement for the appointment and as this is for government sector i think degree effective date will be a 100% imporatant

i don't think. if u have any

i don't think. if u have any influence may be u can pass interview

Regarding Results

I have got ma results sheet , my total marks is 81, but i hvnt gt any interview leter, but some peoples from outside which havng marks only 75 but they recvd interview letters too? y fr me, not. if any one knows reply me pls

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how can 75 marks get..

how can 75 marks get.. Limited marks for 1 subject was 40. Then total has to be 80 for 2 subjects

Subject rank is important thing not a total marks

I thought it should depend on your subject.. It's not a total marks only for subject rank.. If ur rank is before the no of vacancies u want to ask it abt revenant person in ministry...

but , as i knw there are five

but , as i knw there are five peoples got letter for an interview. even one girl scored only 23 in G.Knowledge

please refer the 2013 - 04 - 12 Gazette

 please refer the 2013 - 04 - 12 Gazette    
It isn't indicate in the gazzette that we have to score 40% in each

I got my marks today..

I received my marks today n I have 102. I appeared in the exam in English Medium for IT in Colombo District.Guys, is there any one who got marks instead of interview letters?? What do you think guys?? will we be called for interview??

ada mata result sheet 1

ada mata result sheet 1 awa
rank 1 kiyala dala thiyenne mokadda
distrct wise dana 1k da

Rank 02

rank eka 01 mona subject ekatada?mage rank eka 02 combined maths n physics dekema kurunegala....

nehe subject based...oya

nehe subject based...oya apply karapu subject ekata liyapu aya atharin oyage rank eka ee deela thiyenne.

tx dr

tx dr

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interview call karala

interview call karala thiyenne marks 111 vadi aya. man danna vidiyata 1300k innava. aug 13-23 dakva interview tiyenava. me interview qulification nati aya, interview apu nati aya hitiyoth elagat 75n eha marks gatta ayata interview call karanava. okkoma 800k gannava danna vidiyata. eken bagayak ict valata gannavalu. new syllabus ict commence karapu nisa. goda velavata ICT degree karana ayata chance ekak tiye.

interview letters for English

Has anyone received an interview letter for English?

Physics Matara

Matarin kaatahri Sinhala medium physics interview awada ?

IT - English Medium - Colombo District

Has anyone in Colombo district got interview letters for IT English Medium ??

yes I got.

yes I got.


mata letter 1k awa. interview enna kiyala 19.

Thanks both of you for

Thanks both of you for replying !!!

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District ekai, subject ekai

District ekai, subject ekai mokakda yaluwe... (19 interview eke)


Hambantota district, geography Eng. medium

Sharangika's picture

Did anyone receive letters

Did anyone receive letters for IT Sinhala Medium Kalutara district

mkada ane galle ayata

mkada ane galle ayata interview letters enne nedda?

commerce subjects sinhala medium

matale district eke kata hari sinhala medium commerce subjects sadaha interview letters awada..awa nam comment karanna plz....


No 04     Medium          En Subject   Chemistry

The number which in the left hand coner of the letter is our rank or not?

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me site hutch block karala

me site hutch block karala kiyala msg enavane. ai e? admin poddak balanavada?

mokakda me commerce hamotama

mokakda me commerce hamotama subject dekakata letters awith thiyana ake theruma??????? thawa tika dawasakin kiyaida danne na waradila kiyala... athakota aka subject akakin kee denek interview karanawada?

kawruhari innawada gampaha ,

kawruhari innawada gampaha , accounting, bs english medium interview walata letters awa

Tamil medium Physics

  Please let me know if anybody  receive the interview letter  for tamil medium Physics 

Galle interview letters

Galle Sinhala medium interview letters awada?

mage yaluwekta awa.accounts

mage yaluwekta awa.accounts and BS

Appointment will be given at

Appointment will be given at Temple Trees before starting of schools for next term.I got this news from an official person.

Within short time period

 Is it possible within short time period

Did any body received letter

Did any body received letter for the interviews for Accounting, Business studies and economics in English medium for Gampaha district??????/

Combined maths Tamil medium

 Today  I have received an interview letter for Combined Maths tamil medium Jaffna district.  Interview will be held on 23rd august. 

Exm result...........

me exm eken hama subject 1tama hama district 1akinma ekkenekata hari chance 1k labenawada?mokada lankawatama same exm 1k thibuna nisa eyala ona district 1kakin vacancy fill karanawada kiyala kauru hari dannawada?

exm pass hamotama interview enawada?

mekatath politics gewilada danne neda?

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