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Sep 2013

Public Services of Sri Lanka

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The Public Services of Sri Lanka are a series of services groups that provide specialized professional services to the Government of Sri Lanka. These are government employees who carry out public duties, however they are not elected officials. The most senior of these is the Sri Lanka Administrative Service which is the countries permanent bureaucracy. The Sri Lankan Government is the largest employer in the country and the public services are often criticized as overstaffed and inefficient.

Their members are selected by competitive examination and promotions are made by the Examination Department, Public Service Commission and the cabinet.

Public Services

  • Sri Lanka Administrative Service
  • Sri Lanka Overseas Service
  • Sri Lanka Police Service
  • Sri Lanka Educational Administrative Service
  • Sri Lanka Customs Service
  • Sri Lanka Accountants' Service
  • Sri Lanka Planning Service
  • Sri Lanka Agricultural Service
  • Sri Lanka Valuers' Service
  • Sri Lanka Scientific Service
  • Sri Lanka Engineering Service
  • Sri Lanka Animal Protection and Health Service
  • Sri Lanka Surveyors' Service
  • Sri Lanka Architects Service
  • Judaical Officers
  • Legal Officers
  • Medical Officers
  • Inland Revenue Service
  • Island Wildlife Service
  • Nursing Service
  • Principle Service
  • Teaching Service
  • Sri Lanka Development Officers’ Service

Support Services
(Non professionals)

  • Government Translators Service
  • Government Shorffs Service
  • Government Typists Service
  • Government Stenographers Service
  • Government Book-Keepers Service
  • Government Store-Keepers Service
  • Librarians Service
  • Drivers Service
  • Office Employees Service (K.K.S.)
  • Management Assistance Service
  • General Clerical Service
  • Sri Lanka Development Assistants' Service



The most senior of these is the Sri Lanka Administrative Service which is the countries permanent bureaucracy.

How u say SLAS is premium public service? There are 12 parallel service in sri lanka with Same salary scale. Eng service Doctors and some other service officers earn much more than SLAS. I know last year some SLAS cadets has joined with custom..
What is your opinion... oh!

Last year NO SLAS cadets has

Last year NO SLAS cadets has joined with custom. I'm a proud to say I'm working in the Sri Lanka Administer Service - Last year batch. It is the premium most senior and top of the all services.


Please don't consider this as a point of an argument, but can you explain how / why SLAS is considered "premium most senior and top of the all services" ? (any specific reasons..?) just asking for my knowledge!

It is not considered so. They

It is not considered so. They are all parallel Services. Normally the seniority of a government service depends on the Salary point. A class III medical officer's basic salary is around Rs. 28,000+ whereas a class III SLAS Officer's basic salary is lower than 23,000.00.

can you please send me

can you please send me scientific service exam past papers/ model papers.

on GA exam

can i have some past papers of GA exam?

Statistical Officer

Please send me Statistical Officer Grade III Entrance exam General Knowledge pass paper

General Clerical Service

Please send me Government Clerical exams sample past papers

Tank You

SLPS Tamil medium past papers

Can i get SLPS tamil medium past papers/model papers??

Rajaye sewaya athithaye

Rajaye sewaya athithaye idalama thibba sewayak. raja kalan wala idalama maha janathawata sewaya karanna niladarin sitiya. palanayata dan wishala sewaa kandayakata kadala wen karala.

thanks article ekata. me wage web adawiyak rajaye sewakayanata thiyana eka sathutak. good luck.

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another article. from history

another article. from history of the public service.