National Colleges of Education (Vidya Peeta)

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National Colleges of Education (Vidya Peeta/ විද්‍යා අධ්‍යාපන පීඨ) conducts Three Year Pre-Service  Professional Course in Teacher Education for producing professional competent teacher in order to achieve the objective of delivering quality education to every child.

It's functions are consisted with,

  • Recruiting trainees to National Colleges of Education
  • Coordinating of curriculum development activities of National Colleges of Education
  • Directing management and administrative activities of National Colleges of Education
  • Supervising activities on National Colleges of Education
  • Maintaining information management system in the National Colleges of Education
  • Attending establishment matters of the academics and non-academics staff of National Colleges of Education
  • Conducting activities to select candidates from teachers and education officers for the full-time internal course of Post Graduate Diploma in Education conducted by universities
  • Attending establishment matters of the officers belongs to Teacher Education Service

How to be enrolled for teacher training

As per the requirement in the educational system, applications will be called via government gazette notifications; the untrained non graduate teachers and teacher assistants serving in government schools and teachers of approved private schools and privens, presently serving, are eligible to apply. In this regard, the applicants must have formal appointment letters. You need three passes in one sitting at the G.C.E. (A/L) Examination  and Credit passes  in some GCE O/L subjects to apply these courses. Selection procedure includes following criteria.

  • On receiving the applications, number of entrants will be decided according to based on the application receive. Eligibility to follow each subject/field will be notified in t he Government Gazette.
  • Trainees will be enrolled according to their 'Z' scores obtained at the GCE/AL to all subjects except English, ICT and Physical Education.
  • For English and ICT, applicants eligible with GCE/OL and GCE/AL, should have been appeared to the tendency test held by the Department of Examinations.  They will be admitted according to the scores that they obtained at this tendency test.
  • Regarding to the Physical Education, applicants eligible with GCE/OL and GCE/AL will be admitted giving priority to their scores obtained for talents in sports.  Schedule of sports and scores considering to grant such scores will be notified in the Government Gazette.

Syllabus available at each  National Colleges of Education according to the medium.

NCOE Syllabus available at each NCOE according to the medium
Sinhala medium Tamil medium English medium
1. Uva Physical Education   Science, Maths
2. Nilwala Science, Maths    
3. Mahaweli Second Language (Sinhala) Second Language (Tamil) English
4. Sariputta Buddhism    
5. Siyane Science, Maths, Food Technology   Science, Maths
6. Vavuniya   Primary Education, Physical Education, Hinduism, Christianity R.C./ Christianity N.R.C.Agriculture, Commerce and Accounts  
7. Sri Pada Primary Education, Science, Maths,
First Language (Sinhala) 
Primary Education, Science, Maths, First Language (Tamil), Social Studies Information Communication Technology
8. Addalachchenai            Primary Education, Science, Maths, Islam, Special Education, First Language (Tamil)  
9. Batticaloa   Science, Maths, Technology Education, Art/Drawing, Drama and Theatrical Arts, Social Studies  
10. Pasdunrata     English
11. Pulathisipura Primary Education, Agriculture    
12. Wayamba Christianity R.C./ Christianity N.R.C., Art/Drawing, Dance, Music, Drama and Theatrical Arts, First Langugae (Sinhala), Commerce & Accounts    
13. Ruwanpura     Information Communication Technology
14. Ruhuna Primary Education, Food Technology,
First Language (Sinhala), Second Language (Sinhala), Social Science
15. Jaffna   Primary Education, Science, Maths, Special Education, Art/Drawing, Dance, Music, Drama and Theatrical Arts Science, Maths, English
16. Dharga Town   Primary Education, Food Technology, First Language (Tamil) Information Communication Technology
17. Hapitigama Primary Education, Buddhism, Special Education

Duration of the Training is 3 years. It consists of two years residential institutional training in the National College of Education and one year internship training while being attached to a school. During the residential training period a trainee will be provided with meals and lodging facilities and monthly allowance. During the Internship year also includes monthly allowance. Applicants successfully completing this Course will be considered for appointments as teachers based on the availability of vacancies on Education Zonal Level in difficult districts.


Ane oylata puluwan?

Ane oylata puluwan? Kiyanna.2014 a/l karpu ayata pita gazat karanne Kawada? Kila mage z aka 1.2264 mn pita select Wai?

Sir iam study in2011 AL vel

Sir iam study in2011 AL vel bach apply this college

english or sinhala

mama 2015 a/l kare.sinhala A,logic C,political S.Z score 0.6283. d rank 1992.island 25933.western province.gampaha district.
maawa widya peeta select weida?
2015 a/l krpu ayta widya peeta gazatte krnne kawadda?
danna knk innawanm kynnakoooooooooo.jb ekakta apply krnna wdhkth ne.

Mama 2015 al wal

Mama 2015 al wal kre........ethkota apiwa pita wlta gnne kwdada....ane dnna knk kyndkooooo

english or sinhala

mamath 2015 a/l kare.wdya peeta gazate krnne kawdda?

Art subject

2014 A/L karapu ayawa kawadada vidyha pita ganne..

2014 a/l kale kawada petta

2014 a/l kale kawada petta gazzate karanne mata kiyanna puluwantha? dhanna kowru hari innawang?

2016 Vidya Peeta

2014 A/l karapu ayawa vidya peeta aragena iwarada?

vidya peeta 2014 A/L

kawru hari danawada 2014 A/l karpu ayata Vidya peete gazert karnne kawdada kiyala?


A/L commerce walin karama primary teaching yanna barida

Vidyapeeta select una ayage

Vidyapeeta select una ayage nam list eka danne kawadada?

man maths interview giya

man maths interview giya thama aranchiyak ne oyalata selection list aka gena aranchiyak thiyanwada

2016 vidyapeeta gan nadda

2016 vidyapeeta gan nadda bn..apita wena akakat ynna widiyakuth na puduma wedanawakne bn meka denne

Science ,ICT ,In English Medium

Dear Sir,I would like to hear when you take admission for those who passed in the Year 2015,A/Level,Science stream,for Vidya Pita Admission.Thank Silva.

vidyapeeta selection for students who did a/l s in 2014

I did my a/L's in 2014.I want to know when and how to apply for vidyapeeta.when will be the gazzate released for our batch.i am in need of knowing about English.thank you.

Kurunegalin vidyapeeta ganna

Kurunegalin vidyapeeta ganna z score dannawada?


May i know that when will you intake 2013 A/L batch for NCoE.

Actualy i have faced the interview. But till now i didn't get the letter.. and my course is English..


Widyapita 2016 batch eka aranda. Mata intew awe na. Fanna kenek kiyanaeada

for knowing selected students for 2016.

can I know who r selected for English course in matara district. plz..reply soon.

on vidyapita entrance base on 2013 al results

Did anyone get slected letters for english..??im thankful if someone can reply me..


No , any one did not receive letter from suitable college and we are waiting for like that opertunity.

new batch eka patan ganne

new batch eka patan ganne kawada witharada???

man 2014 arts valin A/L kale

man 2014 arts valin A/L kale B 3i z score 1.0710 man kaluthara district valin kale .d rank 762 mawa primary valata selectveida? ane yaluvane dan kenek innavanm kiyanna.. plzz

Mt danagnna pluwanda english

Mt danagnna pluwanda english danwnm balana qualification mnwda kiyla viday peeta wala


MATA DANAGANDa puluwan da pl;sc;C,his c,geog;C ,,,zscore 0985 veedaya pita ilanna pulwanda ,e vishanyn monwada kiyla ,ilanda pulwanm

mage z core aka1.1449 mata

mage z core aka1.1449 mata pita puluwan weida


Interveiw cl krpu hamoma gnnwda vidya peeta?

psychical education

mama 2013 desalt anuwa viddyapeeta ayadum kalemi anek ayata interview awa mata thawama naha me gana mama monaragala distrikkaye ape distrikkayen mewara apiwa theri nadda


Mn commerce kare, mata wada adu result athi ayatath awith interview. Eth mata awe na.

matath ehemai.mata wada

matath ehemai.mata wada results adu ayata awith eth mata awe nae.

first language sinhala

Mama interviw awa... me para sinhala kochcha vithara gannawda?


Mn 2013 al kra .commerce walin z=1.1307 mta primary hari commerce hari eida peeta kiyannakoooooooooooo



Private degree ekakata

Private degree ekakata register Una kenekta vidyapeeta interview yanna puluwanda kiyla dannawada?

Regarding vidya peeta

2015 ict vidya peeta ganna z.score kiyada kyala dannawanam kiyanawada.


me 2015 ayat vidyapeeta interviw call karapu aya innawanam danwanna plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

man 2013 al dancing apply

man 2013 al dancing apply kare ane dancing walata khmd z eka badullen kochchara gannawada danna knk kiynnko plz

mama 2013 A/L kale Art valin.

mama 2013 A/L kale Art valin. mage Z-score eka 1.3015. mata vidyapita prathamika interview eida?
A/L sinhala A ekak thiyenava. nathnam mata sinhala teaching eida?

Vidyapita interview awada

Vidyapita interview awada nada 1.2005 commerce mata maharagama eida


ane oyata pita interview awa kenek hambunada

2013 AL - Vidaya peet Interview

Mmth 2013 A/L Kale Mage z eka 1.1035 Mt Ona Denagnna Mt Primary Teaching From Hapitigama. Select Weid Kiyala .


Kalin awruddaka kenekta apply karanna barida. A/L 2009 Art subject walin kale. 3 pass thiyenawa.karanna bariwaida.


2015 new batch eka ganne nadda, kalin awruddaka kenekta apply karanna bariwaida.


mta 2013 A/L commerce walin BBC tynwa Z score eka 1.0515 mawa commerce wlata select weida

Oyata interview awada

Oyata interview awada

A/L 2014

2014 A/L karapu ayata kawadda gazette karanne

Info on national colleges of education

Thanks for giving the list of colleges.
If they are clickable leading to their websites it will be very helpful.

english and it

I did my A/levels in 2014.when will be the gazette released for our badge for vidyapeeta entrance?


When will college form out for 2013 batch

2013 vidya peeta Gazette

2013 vidya peeta Gazette karalada? Ay eka parakku wenne???
Ane kauruhari dannawanm reply karanna

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