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Korean Language Proficiency Exam Lessons

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You can find Korean Language Proficiency Exam help materials, model papers and lessons from here.

Check Korean Language Proficiency Exam Paper notice: 09th July 2011 dinamina 12th page.



Are the lessons which you

Are the lessons which you mentions above are very good for learn korean language are the lessons are very helpful those peoples which wants learn korean language

i want korea exam past paper

send me sample paper for korean exam this my email. mssmnihar@gmail.com

please send me sample paper

please send me sample paper for Korean exam this my email. nayayoumi@gmail.com

Thank you .

Past Paper

Hi, Guys!

I need past papers. Plz any body had?

Plz Sent it 2 my below E-mail ID.

" jana.G.sack@gmail.com "

past paper 2013

past paper 2013

Korean Exam Past Papers Needed


Please send me if u have any korean past papers ...


past papers

dear sir,
please send me the past papers and related audio
thanks with best regards
j c a mendis

i want corean alphabat.pls

i want corean alphabat.pls sen my Email acc

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korean exam details

The Korean language proficiency test intended for Sri Lankans aspiring for jobs in South Korea, would be held on October 15 and 16, under tight security. Over 600 police personnel are to be deployed at 10 examination centres located in Colombo to provide security and prevent malpractices.

Nearly 51,000 applicants are eligible to sit for the exam. The test being held for the ninth time, is jointly organized by the Sri Lanka Bureau of Foreign Employment and the Korean Human Resources Development Authority. According to SLBFE, the Police have agreed to provide tight security for the test heeding to a request made by SLBFF Chairman Kingsly Ranawaka.

The SLBFE warned that any attempt at malpractices by either individuals or organized groups would be dealt severely. Law enforcers too have been advised to take strict action against any violators, the SLBFE said. The public are advised to contact following numbers to report any complaint or report an incident: DIG Anura Senanayake on 011-231428, SSP E.B.K.Macarthy on 011-2433342, Officer-in-charge of Emergency Call Centre of Police on 011-2322322, Anura Premaratne head of SLBFE Investigation Department on 0773140300, Special Investigation Department of SLBFE on 011-2864118.

dear sir please send me the

dear sir
please send me the pass paper of 09/30/2011 korean exam.

korean language

send me sample paper for korean exam

korean exam pass paper

dear sir
please send me the pass paper of 09/30/2011 korean exam.

korean exam papers

please send me pass papers to me

please give me a pass paper.

please give me a pass paper.

Exam pass paper


Korean exam

Please send me a Korean exam pass paper.


send me pass papers

koriyan language

plz send me sample paper for korean exame.

ministry eken ganna book eka

ministry eken ganna book eka download karanna nadda?

add some papers and answers.

add some papers and answers.

application issue eke idanma

application issue eke idanma meke hora wage

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Korean language admissions to be issued till August 11

The Korean language test admissions will be issued to all applicants until August 11 from 29 centers island-wide while all applicant do not need to come to Colombo, the Secretary of the Foreign Employment Bureau stated.


Do you have sample papers.........



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no I'm searching...it.


I'm searching...it.


this is very useful. can you tell me a way to download this youtube clips in my PC.

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try this

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Korean Language Proficiency Exam Lessons

It is very useful, simple and nice..Thank you very much for uploading.

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Learn Korean language Basic Conversations

Learn Korean language Basic Conversation - 1.Basic conversation

Korean Basic Conversation lectures- 2. Introducing oneself / 15


Korean Basic Conversation lectures- 3. Location / 10


Basic Conversation Lectures - 4. At the supermarket/ 10


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Learn Korean Language Lessons

Lesson 1: Introducing oneself in Korean - Learn Korean Language

Lesson 2: Introducing family. - Learn Korean language


Lesson 3: Direction - Learn Korean language


Lesson 4: At the movie theater


Lesson 5: Ordering fast food - Learn Korean language


Lesson 6: At the restaurant - Learn Korean language


Lesson 7: Shopping - Let's learn Korean language


Lesson 8: Making an appointment

Lesson 9: Asking phone numbers - Learn Korean language


Lesson 10: Birthday and Korean holidays. - Learn Korean language


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