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Sep 2013

Graduate teachers recruitment Interviews for the 1000 Secondary School Development Program

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Actions have already been taken to conduct the interviews to recruit graduate as teachers for the 1000 Secondary schools development program, based on the examination results conducted as per the news paper advertisement published on 12th June 2011.

For more detail visit ministry web site.

ප්‍රාථමික පාසල් ජාලයක් මුල් කරගත් ද්විතීයීක පාසල් 1000 සංවර්ධනය කිරීම සඳහා වූ අධ්‍යාපන අමාත්‍යාංශ වැඩපිළිවෙළ යටතේ, 2011 ජූනි මස 12 දිනැති පුවත්පත් නිවේදනය ප්‍රකාරව පවත්වන ලද ලිඛිත පරීක්ෂණයේ ප්‍රතිඵල අනුව සම්මුඛ පරීක්ෂණය සඳහා කැඳවීම් සිදු කිරීමට සියලු කටයුතු සූදානම් කර ඇති අතර මේ වන විටත් සම්මුඛ පරීක්ෂණ සඳහා සුදුසුකම් ලැබූ අයදුම් කරුවන් වෙත කැඳවීම් ලිපි තැපැල් කර ඇත.

මේ පිළිබඳ විස්තර අධ්‍යාපන අමාත්‍යංශ වෙබ් අඩවියෙන් ලබා ගත හැක.


Mutual from southern to western or central province

I got an appointment to Udayala M.V (Hambantota District)for Chemistry, Biology under Graduate scheme. but I need to mutual transfer to any where in western province,Central Province, or Galle District . Please contact 0715600036

kauruhari ennawada uva

kauruhari ennawada uva province walata yanna kamathi southern walata appointment labunu.please reply for this if u like

dayal's picture

Mutual to Monaragala

 kamati monaragala ta  hari Bandarawelata yanna.mage appointment eka Maths in national school (Galle)

Galle to Moaragala

What is your school. My wife got an appointment to galle. We need school at monaraga, Badalkumbura, Wallawaya, Buttala. Tel: 0776074239 or 0718419756

Mutual transfer

I want to transfer from Central Province(Teldeniya) to North Central Provonce(Galnewa or Anuradhapura,polonnaruwa district)for Biology.call me 0783857815/0710952227

Chandimal's picture

 Anuradapura nagaraye pradana

 Anuradapura nagaraye pradana pasalaka Chemistry  walata yanna kamati kenek innawanam  0714427615 kata karanna

Mutual from southern to western or central province

I got a Chemistry / Biology appointment to Udayala M.V( Hamabantota District) I need a mutual transfer to a school in any where in Western or Central Province or Galle District,. Please contact 0715600036.

province athara maruwim

province athara maruwim puluwanda?. kala yuthu krama wedaya mokakda?.

monaragala vidyaloka m.m.v

monaragala vidyaloka m.m.v yanna kemathi kavuruhari innavanam reply me

dayal's picture

mutual to Monaragala

 mage subject eka Maths.mata yanna ona monaragalata.Call me.0712254511

Do u like to galle

call me 077 6074239 or 0718419756

mama nam kemathi. But

mama nam kemathi. But kohomada e transfer eka karanne? oya kemathida kanthaleta yanna

Rathnapura, kuruvita,

Rathnapura, kuruvita, eheliyagoda maths appointment bara ganne nethi kenek innawa nam contact karanna. 0715197874 Maduranga

Need a mutual transfer from

Need a mutual transfer from Belihuloya to eheliyagoda, kottawa, padukka, homagama, hawella, avissawella, kuruvita, rathnapura, horana or elpitiya. Subject is maths. Pls contact amalidsc@yahoo.com

Mutual tranfer from MINNERIYA to NW province

Mata MINNERIYA MAHA VIDYALAYAta pathweema lebune CHEMISTRY walata, NW province ekata pathweemak lebunu MINNERIYA ta yanna kemathi kenek innavanam call karanna

I like,contact me.0777576443

I like,contact me.0777576443

mutual from MAYIYANGANAYA national school to TO WP,NW,CP, KEGALL

I GOT CHEMISTRY appoiment to
Maiyanganaya national school.

mata oni,

ONA area 1K
Plzzzzz. 078-3521951

Mutual transfer from uda dumbara teldeniya to kandy or matale.

I got maths appointment at uda dumbara, teldeniya. if anyone from matale or kandy area school please contact.
Mobi; 0783978399

Need mutual from Ampegama to Bentota

If anyone have got Science teaching appointment to a school near Bentota, pls contact me rddmdil@gmail.com or call 0718205208

Mutual transfer

I got an appointment to kegall pindeniya m.v in national school scheme.I need to mutual transfer to kalawana area or Matugama area.
pls coontact me 0759343930.

Mutual Transfer from Dehiowita to Colombo

I got a Chemistry appointment to K/ Dehiowita Maha Vidyalaya and need a mutual transfer to a school in Colombo area. Please call 0770559299.

Mutual transfer from Uva to Sabaragamuwa or southern

I need to transfer( Maths) from Uva( Welimada) to Sabaragamuwa or Southern.
If you are interested , pls call 0777362845

need mutual tranfer to chilaw,marawila,wennappuwa,negambo

My wife need mutual transfer from kuliyapitiya j r Jayewardene M M V to chillaw,madampe,marawila.wennappuwa.or negambo area

Contact 0777348632

Mutual transfer

My wife got two teaching appointments to Palugasdamana Maha vidyalaya (polonnaruwa- chemisrty)and Sevanapitiya maha vidyalaya (dimbulagala- maths). She want a appointment to Kandy or Matale diatricts. If you prefer a mutual transfer with her pleas contact 0715511898/0771326261.

If u want you can go to

If u want you can go to isurupaya after 2nd and get your appointment letter. no need to go personally. they never ask to change the appointed school. even for a postman the area of his living is taken into account when giving an appointment for a post office. why they asked for a grama niladhari certificate prior to the interview? just visit famous national schools in country. even in my school which is a famous 1944 central college which is now a national college contains full of age old bloody teachers. i know personally their teaching skills since i too had learn from them. they 'teach' comfortably for about 20 years without a transfer. this is the reason why we can not get appointments in wp area. and also this is the reason why all AL students in that school get CEB passes at the exam. fools in the ministry never understand this. they have more important matters to dealt with, like upcoming permit vehicle... this never ends. go to the hell

Need mutual from Rathnapura-kalawaana to Kegalle distric

Kalawaana Gamini maha vidyalaya(Science- provincial list), Rathnapurata mutual ekak ganna kemathi Kegalle distric (Mawanella/Hemmathagama/Aranayake/Kegalle) appoinment lebuna kenek innawanam, karunakara denum denna.

mutual transfer from Rathnapura-Nivithigala to western proince

I got an appoinment to Sabaragamuwa province.(Nivithigala)but I want to transfer to western province.I have a small baby.So it is very difficult to go there.My subject is Maths.If someone likes to this mutual transfer pls call me.0774711567

Province athara maruwim

Province athara maruwim karanna puluwannda?.
hariyama dannawanam kiyanna.

Western province Appoinment Baraganne neti kenek innawada?

Western province or National School Gampaha, Colombo District Pasal wala patweem baraganne neti Kenek innawanam Call karanna..... 0714422309 - Damith

kohoma unath me vidiyata hari

kohoma unath me vidiyata hari pathveem deepu eka gena mama bandula gunawardana amathi thumatath, janadipathithumatath sthuthiwantha wenawa.

sabaragamuwa appointment baraganne nathi ayata

sabaragamuwa appointment chemistry/physics bara ganne nathi kawru hari innawa nam please call karanna.mata kalawana central college.dura wadiy.yanne nathi kenek innawa nam wena school ekakata try karanna hadanne.ekai.


viyaluwa d.s national school

viyaluwa d.s national school combined maths yanna kamathi badulla,bandarawella labuna kauru hari innavada?

Mutual transfer

I want to transfer from Central Province(Teldeniya) to North Central Provonce(Galnewa or Anuradhapura district)for Biology.call me 0783857815



sabaragamuwa chemistry or

sabaragamuwa chemistry or physics appointment baraganne nathi kenek innawanam call karanna.please.mata labune kalawana.laga school ekak hadaganna try karanawa.bari unoth atharinawa.


kaltara to gamapaha mutual tranfer

I got an appointment in National school at kalutara town.
Subject - Biology
Need to transfer to Gampaha district

pls contact - 071 5520013

need kalutara school

My wife need school near kaluthara. But my wife's school is at galle. pls call me if u not accept this appointment. 0776074239 or 0718419756

mta hamba wunae badulla

mta hamba wunae badulla meghakiwula nationalschool... mautul transfer ekakta kamthi nam galle , kaluthra, rathnpura colombo katha karnnna....


Mage subject aka BIOLOGY, Mata labune MAHIYANGANAYE ORUBEDIWEWA CENTRAL COLLEGE. Oyala kawruhari innawanam UWA palatata yanda. sabaragamuwa hari wena school akaka idala hari ane pls mata kiyanda. nathnam Sabaragamuwata noyana kenek nam , pls mata kata karanda. mama inne kadawatha. me taram dura yanda amarui. 0718 588 378

mutual transfer from uva to western or southern

mata ave badulla madya maha vidyalaya-chemistry valata.kauru hari innawanam western province hari southern province idan hari maru wenna kamathi.call me 0779035679

Mama Western province

Mama Western province eke.mata pathwim labune North Central Province Maths walata.Labune Galenbidunawewa kalape school ekakata.Kawruhari maths pathwim baraganne nathi kenek inawanam (North Western province,Kegalla Disrict, North Central Provine wala Anuradhapura,Higurakgoda,polonnaruwa,Thabuththegama kalapa) wala please e awassthawa mata laba denna. mama kathiyi me sthana walin onama ekakata maru wenna. pathwim baraganne nathnam hari pathwim dekak labuna kenek hari innawanam e awassthawa mata laba denna karunika wanna.
Contact:- nishamalmal@gmail.com

Hamoma WP enna hadana nisa WP

Hamoma WP enna hadana nisa WP walata transfer ekak ellane naha.mata aduma gane North Central Province ekema Anuradhaprura Town eka hariye hari Thabutthegama,Higurakgoda area eke,polonnaruwa area eke hari Maths walata school ekak labenawa nam loku deyak. aduma gane sathi anthe gedara gihin enna puluwan thanakata.dan labila thiyana thanata giyoth gedara yannawath labenne naha.yanna dawakuyi enna dawakuyi yannawa.5 year kohomada ehema kattak kanne.

ekayi dura unath prawahana pahasuk wadi thanakata illanne.samahara ayata pathwim dekak labuna aya innawa.bara ganne ekayine.maths bara ganne nathnam mata kiyanna.

Chandrasiri -- 0718460930

mutual transfer

My wife has got a science teacher (National School) appoinment to Deraniyagala. We prefer a transfer to Embilipitiya or Gadakawela. Reply immediatly. 0717840463

transfer need from sabaragamuwa to Ragama, Negambo etc

I got an appointment in Sabaragamuwa province.
Subject - Biology
Need to transfer to Ragama, Gampaha, Seeduwa, Katunayake, Jaela, Kelaniya, Negambo, Wennappuwa or closer to Kandana
pls contact - 0718294807

Need a mutual transfer from

Need a mutual transfer from Balangoda zone to Rathnapura Zone.
School: Rath/Saba/Karagasthalawa Vidyalaya
Subject : Maths
Pls contact 0715197874 Maduranga

1000 School Graduate Appointment

Mama mulinma 1000 Secondary schools development program eka yatathe Science and Maths appointments laba gaththa hemotama subapathanawa. Mamath 1000 Secondary schools development program eka yatathe IT appointment gaththa teacher kenek. Mamath WP kenek (Gampaha). Namuth mata labuna school eka NWP wala Ambanpola Central College. Mamath lebuna appointment eka hitha hadagena baraa ragena den weda kara gena yanawa. Oyala witharak nemei apiwath (IT ayath) dala thiyenne oyala vagema dura than valata. Mama danna ayath (IT) innawa gedara Galle namuth school eka Mathale. Meka witarai politics natuwa labuna ekama government job eka. E nisa hitha hadagena apointmnet bara ganna. Nathtam apita aye kawadawath government job ekak aragana beri wei.

Oya kiayana kathawa sampurna

Oya kiayana kathawa sampurna aththa.matath labila thiyenne gedara idan paya 3k withara yanna thiyena school ekak.eth math ada weda bara gaththa.mokada apita aye kawadawath governmnet job ekak labenne ne meka bara nogaththoth.

suhada maru-sabaragamuwa schools athara

mage school Kalawana central (Chemistry),husband Kahawatta central (physics).husband godak hopes thiyagena hitiye chemistry walata.api biology degree nisa physics amarui,Sabaragamuwa chemistry pathweem baraganne nathi kenek innawa nam call karanna.please.ehema nathnam Kalawana or Kahawatta yanna kamathi kenek innawanam call karanna.apita oni Ratnapura,Eheliyagoda,Kuruwita school ekakata or Awissawellata asanna school ekakata enna.podi daruwange prashna nisa danwath eka wahalak yata inna oni.please call

0718300743 Irosha

English Appointment

what happened to english subject appointment?????????????
Kindly tell me..........

bandaravela school ekakata

bandaravela school ekakata yanna kemathi chemistry teacher kenek innavada

Need mutual from Rathnapura-kalawaana to Kegalle distric

Kalawaana Gamini maha vidyalaya(Science- provincial list), Rathnapurata mutual ekak ganna kemathi Kegalle distric (Mawanella/Hemmathagama/Aranayake/Kegalle) appoinment lebuna kenek innawanam, karunakara denum denna.