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Sep 2013

Class III Public Management Assistant Service Open Exam - 2009 (2010) 3rd Round Cut off marks

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Cut off Marks for Recruitment to Class III of Public Management Assistant Service Open Competitive Examination 2009 - 3rd Round

3rd Round cut off marks


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I confirmed that Class 3

I confirmed that Class 3 limited exam 2nd round people have had their appointments from 15th. But not sure about open exam 3rd round. May be some have received letters. if so others will have it soon. Some people may have appointments into their own district according to availble vacancies.



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 Dear News, Thank You for

 Dear News,

Thank You for your timely replies.


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Ms. Chithra,I also went to

Ms. Chithra,

I also went to the third round interview. I sat the exam in Batticaloa district. I had all the necesary qualifications and had submitted all the necessary documents. But still I did not get the appointment letter.

I would like to know the following:-

1-From which district are you?

2- Did you get your appointment letter or the invitation letter to the function of awarding appointment letter?

3- What do you mean by 'It' in your sentence "It start from 15"?

Hope to see your reply soon.

management assistant exam 2009

dear sir/madam,
mama 12th august interview giya. akedi mage sudusukam wala adupaduwak nam mata danumdunne na. mage eka result sheet ekaka name akuraka wenasakata diurum prakashayak genna kiuwa. mama eka ikmanata dunna. mata path weemak labeida? eken balapamak weida?

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ehema ewa balapamak wenne

ehema ewa balapamak wenne naha. pathwima labeyi ikmanatama.


Dear sir, Thank you for the reply.

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Awarding Appointment Letters

  1. Like the first round, will the third round selected Management Assistants be awarded the appointment letters by Hon. President Mahinda Rajapaksa at a special function?
  2. If so, when will the 3rd round MA's receive invitation letters to the function?
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function ekak gana nam

function ekak gana nam hariyatama mama danne naha. samaharak wita election ekata kalin ehema ekak thiyayi.

nathnam letters post eke ewayi.

Lakunu Nolebuna aya awa ganne kohomda?

Denatamath Marks nolebuna ayata awa ganen kohomda?
Select una ayata witrada marks ewanne?

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if there is a 3rd round interview..?

if there is a 3rd round interview..? may i have the chance for PMAS? (my district colombo, my marks 126)

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this is the 3rd round. if you

this is the 3rd round. if you have got 126 from Colombo didn't you get a letter for interview?

if not try to contact ministry with your examination number.

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me exam ekata liyapu hamotama

me exam ekata liyapu hamotama examination department eken marks yawala thiyenne. dan tika kalayak wenawa. lakunu labune nathnam eka examination department eken wimasanna wenne.



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thora ganimata documents adu

thora ganimata documents adu padu, sudusukam sampurna nathi ayata interview ekedi ebawa danum denawa. anith ayawa select karan thiyenne. wenama eka dana ganna ona naha.

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Dear sir


mage district  Rathnapura. marks 124. mawa PMAS ekata select wenakam netida?

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thawa watayak (4) gaththoth

thawa watayak (4) gaththoth godak welawata next marks level eka rathnapura 125 wenne. ehema unoth select wenne naha.

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Dear Sir


2009 PMAS exam eken round kiyak gannawada?


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dan 3rd round eka. samaharak

dan 3rd round eka. samaharak wita 4th round ekak gayi. 2009 exam eken wena nam ganna ekak naha.

Dear sir, Class III Public

Dear sir,

Class III Public Management Assistant Service Open Exam - 2009 gazzet karaddi, ministry 1n kiuwa pathweem 6000k danawa kiyala. aka aththakda?

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6000 denawada kiwwa kiyalanam

6000 denawada kiwwa kiyalanam mathaka naha. 3rd round eke dena ewa ekka danata 5000k wage dila athi. Limited exam ekathuwath ekka ethakota 6000 kata asanna ganan gaththa wenawa.


කළමණාකරන සහකාර තුන් වන වටයේ පත් වීම් ලබා දෙනු ලබන්නේ , සම්මුඛ පරීක්ෂණයෙන් කොපමණ කලකට පසුද ?

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you will have it within

about PMAS


last pmas exame eken (2006)antima wenakan gatta marks kiyada? 2009 eken aye ganne nedda?

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please check the list above.

please check the list above.


I want to know whether the results of Authorized Immigration officer 2010 results are released or not? If it is conducted by the examination Department why aren't they sending the results personally?

Interwiew for the Person with Disabled

I sat for the competitive examination in Batticaloa, conducted for the recruitment of Management Assistants Class-3, my index No.60726873. I selected the district to be served, as my native place of N’Eliya.
But I have not been included in the selection although I got 97 marks and I was thoroughly disappointed as I had full hope that I would definitely get a chance in the selection.
Hence, I humbly request your Excellency to kindly consider my fervent appeal sympathetically on a humanitarian grounds, especially my partial disability which is not at all a barrier in my day to day activities and grant me the opportunity to get appointed as a Management Assistant, without treating me as an invalid person. I attach herewith all the relevant documents as per the details appended, for your Excellency’s kind perusal please.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Yours obediently,


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As my knowledge, 97 marks is

As my knowledge, 97 marks is NOT enough for a appointment. You should have atleast 100 marks for requesting disabled persons quota. Anyway try to contact ministry regarding your matter. but they may reject it, based on your examination result.


Filling the Interview Form

In the interview instruction form they have mentioned
yomu ankaya: PMAS 2009 III-2H 4735 in four big squares. In the interview application form they have asked me to mention yomu ankaya and have given four small squares. and under this they have also asked sevaya and thanathura and left one space after each of them.
Can I please know how I can fill these four small squares and two spaces?

I got the answer to the above

I got the answer to the above question from the ministry.

Sir, danata Class III Public


danata Class III Public Management Assistant Service - 2009 Open Exam aken appointment keeyak deela thiyanawada? Thawa round 1k ganida?

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I think it is near 4000

I think it is near 4000 including 3rd round. so I can't sure about 4th round.


Management Assistant class iii 2009/2010

please may I know that the third round applicants were recruited or yet to be recruited. is there a fourth round

Facing Interview for the Third Round pmas iii

Dear Sir,
How are we expected to be dressed for the forthcoming interview for pmasiii?

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there is no expected rule for

there is no expected rule for dress. But it is better to have a proffesional looking dress. Women can wear plain and normal saree. for men shirt and trousers.

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Thank You for the reply.


management assistant exam 2009

mage district kurunegala.marks 128.mama select weida?

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තව වටයක් (4) කැදවීම් කරොත්

තව වටයක් (4) කැදවීම් කරොත් ඔබට අවස්ථාව ලැබෙයි.

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Sir, May I know about


My marks is 124 in Colombo, thawa round 1k gaththoth mawa select waida?


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තව වටයක් ගත්තොත් කොළඹ ලකුණු

තව වටයක් ගත්තොත් කොළඹ ලකුණු මට්ටම එකකට වඩා අඩු වෙන එකක් නැහැ එක නිසා ඊලග වටයේත් ඔබට අවස්ථාව ලැබෙන එකක් නැහැ.

My marks is 121 in rathnapura

My marks is 121 in rathnapura destrict,government job ekakata mata chance ekak natiweida sir?120 uda wage wenakan badawa ganeemak kerenne natiweida?pls reply!

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රත්නපුර මේ පාර කඩඉම් ලකුණු

රත්නපුර මේ පාර කඩඉම් ලකුණු 126. ඒක අනුව 121 ට අවස්ථාවක් ලැබෙන්නේ නැහැ. බොහෝ විට මෙම විභාගයෙන් බදවා ගැනීම මෙම වටයෙන් නවත්වයි. තව දුරටත් ලබා දිය හැකි පුරප්පාඩු සමාලෝචනය කර තව වටයක් කැදවුවත් එහිදී රත්නපුර කඩඉම් ලකුණ අනිවාර්යයෙන් 125 වගේ වෙන්නේ..
ලබන වසරේදී 2012 අනිවාර්යයෙන් නැවත මේ විභාගය ගැසට් කරයි එතකොට උත්සහයක් දරන්න. නැත්නම් පළාත් සභා බදවා ගැනීම් හා වෙනත් අවස්ථා ගැන අවධානයෙන් පසු වෙලා උත්සහ කරන්න.

dear sir, O/L 1st time maths

dear sir,
O/L 1st time maths walata 'S' ekak thiyena,2nd Time ayeth maths karala 'B' ekak gattha kenekuta, A/L & Management Assistant exam results hondata thibunath Interview eken FAIL karanwada?A ayata sahanayak denne nadda? thanks

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භාෂාව, ගණිතය ඇතුළුව විෂයන් 4

භාෂාව, ගණිතය ඇතුළුව විෂයන් 4 කට සම්මාන සාමාර්ථ සහිතව වැඩ 6 ක් එකවර සමත් වීම අනිවාර්යයෙන් තියෙන්න ඕන.

me intw eka hara wena ekak

me intw eka hara wena ekak aya tiyannadda?aya exam tiyanawada?

dear sir

interview karana hemotama pathveem denawada?

interview karana ayata

interview karana ayata pathveem aniwaaryen denawada?

dear sir, my marks- 127

dear sir,
my marks- 127 ,rank-475 , district - colombo
mata 3rd round intervew awa.interview karana hemoma,adaala sudusukam thiyenawanam pass karanawada?...natnam interview ekenuth kattiyawa adu karanawada?...

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ගැසට් එකේ තිබ්බ මුලික

ගැසට් එකේ තිබ්බ මුලික සුදුසුකම් සම්පුර්ණ කර ඇත්නම් අදාල ලියකියවිලි නිවැරදි ලෙස ඉදිරිපත් කර තිබේ නම් පත්වීම් ලබා දෙයි. සම්මුඛ පරීක්ෂණය තුලින් ලකුණු ලබා දීමක් හෝ නැවත තෝරා ගැනීමක් නොකරයි.

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Dear Sir,  May I know if have

Dear Sir, 

May I know if have 4th  round?

management assistant exam 2009

mage district kurunegala.marks 129 rank 321 mawa select weida?