Central Bank - Banking Assistants (Trainees) 2013

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Central Bank - Banking Assistants (Trainees) Leading to Non Staff Class Grade II

Required Qualifications:
a. Passed six subjects in G.C.E. (O/L) at one sitting with at least 5 B Passes including Mathematics and a Language (Sinhala, Tamil or English)
b. One of the following qualifications:
G.C.E. (A/L) with at least 3 C Passes in main subjects at one sitting
Certificate in Banking and Finance (CBF) of the Institute of Bankers of Sri Lanka (IBSL)
Certificate Level II of the Chartered Accountancy progarmme of the Institute of Chartered
Accountants of Sri Lanka (ICA-SL)
Management Level of the Management Accountancy programme of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants of UK (CIMA-UK)

Age: Not less than 18 years and not over 23 years as at the closing date of the applications
(20 February 2013).

* Application Closing date on or before 20 February 2013

More Information

Application Form


mowada ahana subjects???

plz ane exm ekata ahana subjects monawada???

past papers

ane mata puluwannam 1 yr ekaka hari past paper ekak hoyala dennakooo,, tht will be a great help.

Dear Sir, Exam result August

Dear Sir,
Exam result August wala enawa neda
Exam pass or Fail kiyala apita Letters ewanawa neda
Pls Inform. Thank You..

Exam results gana danaganne

Exam results gana danaganne kohomada? website ekaka publish karanawada?

Dr friend last day i caled

Dr friend last day i caled cbsl.august end wil come our result


result nikuth karanna cbsl akanda yaluwa

Exam Results balaganna wenne

Exam Results balaganna wenne kohomada? website ekaka danawada?

july 23 lankadeepa news paper

july 23 lankadeepa news paper eke thibuna august veddi exam results danava kiyala...

Exam results

Can we know about the result of Central Bank - Banking Assistants (Trainees) 2013 exam?


yaluwana centarl bank exam ake result gana monawath aluth news thiyanawada

DO ull kw answers fr thes questions??

Friend.... i want a big helpf rm ull..i kw u all are brainy people thats y u guys gt through from Foriengh service exam..
i want all f ur help to find answers for thye follwoing questions....
I found them frm the teaching exam which i faced recently..pls sinhalen reply kerane puluwanna vadiye hondai

1)Nautical mile? kiyane mokakda???
2) Which nationality introduced the tobbaco cultivation to sl?
3)What was the most thriving SL harbour during the period of the ancient sea silk route?? ( given answers- Godawaya/ gokana/ galle/ mantai)
4) nawa minisek bihi kela wiplaweya? ( pransha / china/ russia/ cubba)

pls friends help me to find correct answers......

1) nautical miles kiyanne

1) nautical miles kiyanne "Navika Sethapum" walata. 1 nautical mile = 1,852 meters
2) british*
3) godawaya
4) cuba

ethakota apita exam marks

ethakota apita exam marks dana ganda vdyakma nadda??post karanneth nathi wei neda

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People's Bank new discussion form

People's Bank Customer Service Assistants Exam cut off marks & Interview (2013)

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We are kindly invite from old  users of people’s bank exam 2012 

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exam results gazette

exam results gazette karanawada? nattam api danaganne kohomada?

Exam results net eke

Exam results net eke danawada? danawanam sit ekak danna kenek kiyannako

exam result net eke danne ne.

exam result net eke danne ne. Examination department eken papers balala thamai pass da fail da kiyala CBSL ekata danwanne

ah ehenam hodata balala athi?

ah ehenam hodata balala athi? exam liyannath kalin pass fail kattiya kiyala athi.

ow ithin politics walata

ow ithin politics walata thamai pathweem denne.
Mona karannada :( exam eka karannath kalinma kattiya list eka hadagaththa

exm result kawada eida kiyala

exm result kawada eida kiyala kiyanawada....plezzzz

xm result ena dawasak

xm result ena dawasak gana dannawada?

exam forbia

well..as usually i am not gonna wait for results soon...you can keep hopes on your luck,not the talent... they think we are machines..."thnak you giving us such easy papers"..

ane mam me job 1ta godak

ane mam me job 1ta godak asawen exam kale mam wagema exam karapu hamoma kamthiy me job 1ta exam pass nam apitath chance 1 denna.......mama banking exam kala ath select une na.thawa tika dawasakin apiwa ganne na kiyai Age Limit nisa......

Questions were manageable but

Questions were manageable but time was not enough. so I feel sad!!!!

May be. I could have got just

May be. I could have got just passed trough if I got couple of hours more :(

දැන් ඉතින් ඹ්න ඹ්න කට්ටියව දා

දැන් ඉතින් ඹ්න ඹ්න කට්ටියව දා ගන්න පුලුවන් මොකද හැමෝම හිත්න්නේ තමන් හරියට විභාගය කලේ නෑ කියලනේ


Is 27,500 gross salary? Or will it be reduced epf?

Salary Details

Well, 27500 is the basic during the training period. It is the allowance. Since the candidates are suppose to be trainees, nothing will be cut from the salary. After 2 years when they get permanent, money for pension will be cut

exam result kawada

exam result kawada witara awida

long time

It may take 3-4 months

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maths walin phd1k wat one e

maths walin phd1k wat one e paper1 hariyata lyana


what a Paper???????????????????
Time is not enough >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> ooooooooooooh Only miracle could do this ............ ........................
and I know that i not me i wish all the people who challenged this paper

Same here :(

Same tragedy happened to me sir. Main problem was the time. Questions were manageable but time was not enough. Of course they were testing how we handle time-critical paper but this kind of paper was only meant for math geniuses.
I feel so down :(

Exam Of Central bank

Kawada wage Central Bank exam (2013/06/09) result awida danne na neda??

Niyama Paper eka

Kalekin asa hithena paper ekak kara.Class giye nathi unata karanna puluwan paper ekak.Welawanam tikak madi thama.eth honda experience ekak.habai recruit karanne kohomada danne.

Good for you !!!

oyata eka lesi nam godak hondai. Mokada mata nam harima amarui eka. Class giya unata kisi wedak une ne.
A/L maths karapu ayata nam lesi kiyala kiyanawa


My friend who did the exam..tell us the GK & IQ questions they asked.It will b useful for our future exams......

I sat for the exam. It was

I sat for the exam. It was like a hell. Time is not enough. I even went to classes but that didn't help me. I don't know what will happen to me. One thing is for sure ; It will be a miracle if I get through this hell of an exam. Language paper is ok but other two were really hard. :'(

Could someone please tell me what is the pass mare of this exam ?
Are they adding marks for each of the paper and checking the final total for the pass mark or are they considering all the 3 papers separately ( E.g : Do I need to get pass mark for every paper to get through )

Please tell me


i dnt have any idea, how they r going to calculate the final pass mark. but the paper was really hard. this paper needs abt 2 hrs, at least to go through all the questions. from which stream did u do ur a/ls? what did the others tell about this exam? was it a hard paper for most of them? any way im clueless. please rply...

I think this paper is meant

I think this paper is meant not to pass students but to fail. There may hardly be any passed ppl. I thought that they are going to give General Intelligence paper (current affairs and etc ) but only 3 papers 2 of them consisting of hard mathematical parts. It can be done with around 2 hours not in one hour.

Anyway, I CBSL dream has been brutally shattered !!! :(

about the exm

plz mama 2015 exm eka krnna inne, ane if can y send me three past papers, one from each subject, it will be a great help, thx dr frnd

agree wid u...

plz guyz let us know ur ideas about the exam. please post ur ideas here.......

Pls share questions

i have a friend in HR .ILL check 7 tell u..Bydw pls tell me what were the GK & IQ questions which werea sked in eXAM PAPER?? PLS SHARE WITH US.Itll b useful for lot f ppl

Exam questions

mata hariyatama mathaka ne questions nam but, mathaka thiyena ewa kiyannwa.

1) number sequences awa. Numbers 3k withara deela next number eka hoyanna quesutions 4 k withara thibba

2) calculation ekak deela (multiplication) eke numbers walata symbols deela thibba. E symbols walata ena values monada kiyala ahala thibba.

3) + - * / thiyena loku calculation ekak deela eke answer eka ahala thibba.

// hard to memorize all the questions. Pardon me for that.


shoooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii exam eka neh........
thankuuuuuu cbsl
oyalage list eka dan daganna hodeeeee

Adenawa thani ahata

liwwayin liwwe na mehema paper ekak. ehe balala mehe balanakota welawa iwarai. hikzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

papers keeyak thiyanawada?

ane, mata kyannako exam ekata papers keeyak awada? e monawa genad kyala, y ta godakk thx



i wish all the best for who

i wish all the best for who going to face the exam tomorrow.. :)