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Exam held on 24th February 2013 (tommorow)
but we couldnt find pass papers yet
if someone has link plz..


mamath hoyala beluwa. me job

mamath hoyala beluwa. me job eka amarui tamai. eth recognized. lankawa watema yanna wena welawluth thiyenawalu. ekai katta kanna puluwan un wiarak ganne. chest eka height eka ehema balanne hodata orotthu dena ayawa thora ganna. health eka godak balanawalu.
ane mandaa.....!!!!

lankawa watema yanna wena

lankawa watema yanna wena welawluth thiyenawalu.... meka liyapu ekage mole mati godak. lankawe theyenne airport kiyada? waraya kiyada? ...authorized officersla lankawa wate yanne hora arakku allannada? Moda katha noliya indin ban.

hoyala balala me comment eka

hoyala balala me comment eka dapu ayya niyama sri lankika sinhala baudda dushta gemiyek. Lankawe kiyanne wedi washayenma gemiyo jiwath wena ratak. vishwa widayala walin upadi gaththata gramiya manasa wenas wenne hari aduwen. Itin dushta gemiya kohomath boru liyala anith unwa wattala thaman udata enna balanawa.. gemiyek kiyanne game jiwath wena kiyana eka newei. shishata manasak nirmanaya wela nethi eka.. thanks

Sira kathawa machan... math

Sira kathawa machan... math select wela inne. e nisa math godak ayagen me job gena ahala beluwa... hondai kiyana ayath hitiya, job eka hari ne kiyana ayath hitiya.. but goda denek kiwwe kalathurakin lebena chance ekak, e nisa aniwa yanna kiyala... kawuru aththa kiyanawada kiyala nam danne ne... eth man nam job ekata enawa.

What nonsense. I faced the

What nonsense. I faced the interview and got selected. they checked only height and the size of the chest. There was no any other health check as such.. (health eka godak balanawalu.... pacha) . A medical report must be given subsequently as is the case with any other state sector job. I feel as if those who are putting negative comments are trying to discourage others who got selected from accepting the job offer so that they can get a chance as people who are next in line.

Papuwe size ekei usai manala kohomada ban katta kanna puluwanda kiyanne. moda katha liyanna epa.. nikamata hari graduate neda..

Well. I think the comment

Well. I think the comment below which is about the difficulty of the job shows a typical Sri Lankan attitude towards being employed in the state sector. In general people tend to share the idea that government sector jobs are preferable as they can work at their own leisure. I have been employed in the private sector for almost 7 years after my graduation and of course I was made to work hard. Yet, my decision to take up on a government job was not made for the purpose of being relaxed. I am committed to working hard and will always be so irrespective of whether it is the state sector or the private sector. On the other hand, I became a graduate solely because of the free education system of this country. If not for that, I do not think that my parents who belonged to the rural lower middle class could have afford to make me a graduate at their expense. Therefore, I personally think that it is a duty and a privilege to be a government servant and one's proper discharge of services in that capacity within all inherent constrains is capable making Sri Lanka where there is a rapid institutional decay a better place to live.


Well Done

according to the people who

according to the people who are working here (i know some of them privately) this job is a very hard job. they have to work all 365 days. including many night shifts. have to work on holidays and poyadays too.they should be prepared at all the time. but the salary is very low compared to other government jobs (ex: govt banking sector,)and have to wait many years for increment in salary. im not demotivating people who are selected. but have to think twice before enagage and you cant leave for 3 years after joining. they (department) gives no chance to excuses. if u do they take it as a breach of contract. no free time. no private life (like other govt jobs). much harder than a private job. and the responsibility is huge. i'm saying this because i know some of them and how their life has become tough. im saying again, im not letting you down but you have to understand the real story behind the scene.


ok..we'll see..can u tell us how much salary we can get from this job(with incentives & all the other allowances)?

machan..uda comment eka

machan..uda comment eka tanikara boruwak.mamath kalabala wela hoyala baluwa. salary 42 k witara tiyenawalu. harima relax job ekaklu. night shift eka 16 hr eka digata karanna wenawalu. habai eta passe 48 hr niwadu. kisima contract sign karanna nehe. habai 3 yr probation. Uda comment eka dapu ekage wena aramunak tiyenne.mata me wistara kiyapu dennama kiwwe bohoma kalaturakin labena chance ekak kiyala.

Thank You

Thanks a lot mchn..i feel very comfortable with your information.It looks really good job..

anyone think this is true???

anyone think this is true???

Authorized officer

Dear Friends,

I am one who got selected for this job.I was interviewed on 21st May.I think they have done a fair job apart from not taking girls.I was noticed today that I got selected(6th May).I feel sad about those who were not selected.But don't give up your hopes,there are so many other prestigious jobs in Sri Lanka.So you guys can try your level best and have one of those.I guess interview panel knew that top ranked ones were interviewed at first day.That's why they told last day people that they have no chances.But in any case if some one is not attending for the training program which is scheduled to be done 16th June onward will be replaced by next top ranked one.That's why they let 3rd day people to come for the interview.And height and chest sizes are other factors.Any way I feel others' disappointment as well. So sorry about this and like to know about this job from some one who knows.


Best wishes

Unfotunately I hadnt been selected to this post. But I wish all the best for those who selected this post.
I may have tried some what hard to score 2 or 4 marks. I am giving up my final hope today. I must thank those who were with us on this site, exchanging their experience, ideas aslo new news.

You are cleverer than us, thats why you were selected. use this opportunity to sevve our country. do a better service what the people expect from you.

Good bye...................

Have a nice futute...............


Thank you very much pal.. You are very humble. & I know there is a fabulous future in front of you.. They will gazette SLAS in August.. Do it hard to beat 1st in ranks.. then you will be in a great position. That is who you are.. I wish you luck! Just don't give up..


Refusing ladies is totally violation of Fundamental rights. Department has absorbed 133 EO s to the service 2 years ago without any type of examination . Many of them don’t have basic qualifications. But unfortunately they are now in the service. According to the rules only 10 percent of lady officers must be in the service. But now it may be 50 percent. That is not the faults of candidates who genuinely sat for the examination. You can fill a FR case to the Supreme Court within one months of period. As our experience it is sure that you will be won .

Genuine Immigration Officer.

Mr. Sameera, you are a genuine officer. Thanks for your advice. I also was interviewed but not selected. that is not a problem. I know that more than 125 graduates who were in the 2005 graduate scheme were absorbed to this servive without checking even their basic qualifications. But they don't have basic qualifications as you mentioned such as height, weight. I am also in the 2005 graduate scheme which means salary differes from your one. MN4 and MN5 scales. why have Only there 125 graduates such an advantage than other graduates? .Last time they didnt even sit for this exam, because they know that they cant get through this exam. unfotunately, although we pass the exam and interviewed, we are not selected. I am stil in the MN4 scale while they are in the MN5.

thanx for the advice

I'm a victim lady of this recruitment. Can you please how to proceed the things with HR case? I don't think that we will receive any justice

worried one

Could you please tell us

Could you please tell us about this job its benefits?


i got the letter for training.wish all the best for selected candidates.
and ones who won't get..don't give up guys,there are lot of good opportunities than this one.wish u all a bright future!!!


Hi guys..
I got the appointment letter. We have one month training period from 16th June to 16th July. I wish you all good luck!

Nice try

June 16th is a Sunday..

I got too... U hv any idea

I got too... U hv any idea about this job machan?


Is there any girl who went for the interview?

Kawuruth danne nedda me job

Kawuruth danne nedda me job eka gena... job duties, benefits wage dewal

Any updates guys?

Any updates guys?

Machan rank eka 100 ta wada

Machan rank eka 100 ta wada wedi kawa hari interview select wela thibbada?

Interview giya aya rank danne

Interview giya aya rank danne na machan.
Thama apita redults awe ne. oyage rank 1 keeyada?

My rank is 33. I was

My rank is 33.
I was intervened 21st May.

is there a way to see results

is there a way to see results on web?

What is the pass mark?

How can I know what is the pass mark? I only got my result. no any information whether I passed or not?

hama paper 1ta at least 40

hama paper 1ta at least 40 thiyenna one mama danna vidiyata goverment exam wala

what about the girls

I got the result sheet from the Examination department and my rank is above 10. Though I sat both the open and limited I only received the marks for limited. Above 10 means I have a great chance no. But At that moment interviews are going on. So I called to the Immigration dept and asked what's going on. Then one officer said that this time ladies are not taken to this position.

If it so they would have not publish it on the gazette. After all hardworking they reject. How fare is this situation.

I don't know where our competitive exams are going on?

Our time, money, hopes.................

Don't they have feeling of that?

I also sat for open exam and

I also sat for open exam and my rank is also above 10. It is so unfair that they haven't even called the girls for the interview. Why have they called us for exam if they will not recruit girls.

yes, they should recruit

yes, they should recruit according the Gazette notice published, but unfortunately they don't know what they published in the gazette. This is a legal case, we have paid, and worked hard to get this job, but after all they say girls are not recruited this time.

This is got good for county like Sri Lanka.

They wasted our time, Money, hard woks finally our innocent hopes.

What an interview we had on 23

I was alled for the interview today, about 40 selected candidates were there. At the interview, they said already we have selected 70 candidates for 70 vacancies. so from today's group, the chance of one candidate is being selected is zero. and they told us not to keep any hope in this regard further.

But I wish to remind them (Officers were in the interview board on 23) according to the PSC(Public Serice Commision)regulations and rules (Chapter VII Gazzette on 2009.02.20)the marks taken by candidates at the written examination should not be given to the interview board and should be a secret, antil the appointment are given. But I regret to say, the know the marks and who are the candidates they are going to be selected.

Whant an interview this is?
So far I have not faced such an interview.
Don't play jockes with graduates who passed this examination. they too have feelings.
You had to call only 80 or 90 candidates, if the vacancies available is 70.
You asked to come us for the interview, and then they say we have selected you cant be considered.
But as a hunmab being, you had to give us a call yesterday not to come for the interview.
We wasted our money who came far away to colombo, time and also we lost our hopes.

If any resposible person saw this, pls in future don't do like this.
Is this the wonder of asia?


What is ur marks & rank machan?

I don't know what my rank is

I don't know what my rank is and results are not received yet.

This is true ,they told me

This is true ,they told me the same,but They kept my degree and 2 character certificates .And how is urs.Did ur certificates also kept them?I wonder y they kept them if they not recruited us.

Yes machan, They kept my

Yes machan,
They kept my certificates too. but this is only to interview is completed.
Once they called us for an interview and we faced for it. they must interview all.
then only they are paid for interviewing. They are paid Rs.........per one.
That's why they called 150 candidates to select only 45 from open exam.


Hey.. I'm sorry about the incident. Can you please tell me your rank in the exam result sheet?

exam result

dear sir,

unfortunately i did not receive the result for authorized officer exam.
how can i get my result?
my index no. 10023208



All what they said at the

All what they said at the interview I mentioned, believe me this is true.

Genuine Recruitment

dear friends
the recruitment procedure is fare. you have gone through psc rules. but u failed to go through the gazette notification properly. it was mentioned even though 40 marks pass mark, candidates will be listed in the mark order and will be called for interview. that's what happened.
interview board does not know the marks. but they know that the names are in that order. that is why they selected all eligible candidates in the interviewed order.

last not least, this is not really interview. it was just to check ur certificates and eligibility. no marks are awarded for this process.
I wish u best luck next time. please do not have hard feelings

Genuine recruitment? huh!

Then what about the ladies.? u think this is genuine.I don't know how you think like that.May be you have selected for those position. By the way for me , It is very unfair. Disgusting way of recruiting. They discarded girls who have high ranks with a great disappointment . Just check what happen to the the girls who have high ranks. then you can understand the fairness of this recruiting

If I were you I would not

If I were you I would not comment like this.
Some times u might be select for this post.I must wish u.
I said, they had to limit interviewed group 80.
As you mentioned, Interview procedure may be fare.

Wish u all the best.

But think twice, If you were me...................?
How would you feel.............?

i understand


further, I agree that they could have restricted to 80. but on the other hand if anybody from limited or open examination after interview do not turn up, they could select u. that is the reason they called for little more.

any way, I share your feelings.

I dont think so machan...

I dont think so machan... just wait and see

What about on 22nd

What about on 22nd interview?

Any news? what they said on 22nd?????

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