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Only about 100 candidates sat for the above exam, but why the results are not yet being released?


Controller of explosives

Dear Sir/madam

I am chemical engineer and I am working as a safety and risk engineer . Could anyone clarify I can write this exam ?

also please when is the next recruitment ?

pls give me link to study materials.

thanks in advance

@ palanikumar; I think there

@ palanikumar; I think there aren't vacancies to fill in near future. If u need to know the qualifications for the exam, check the gazette dated 2012.08.30

Results sheet

Is the results have published?

I received the results sheet

I received the results sheet yesterday by post. Rank is not mentioned. But I hv earned a total of 193 marks exceeding 40 for all the 3 subjects.
Any one else got their marks and the Rank?

yes i also got marks and rank

yes i also got marks and rank is not mentioned.do u know the pass mark ?

as mentioned in Gazette pass

as mentioned in Gazette pass mark is 40 for each subject, but the TOP 7 will only get the chance.


oyage marks awada? pass marks dannawada?


Interview for the post of Assistant Controller of Explosives will be held on 31st May 2013 at MOD. I got the letter yesterday.


I telephoned Dept. of Exam today. the officer answered said that results have been submitted to Public Service Commission.
does any one got appointment ???

Asst. Controller of Explosives - Results

I'm also waiting for the results of the same exam. If some one know any news related to this topic, pls update this forum.

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