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Sep 2013

Accountants' Service Open/ Limited Exams - 2012

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Open/Limited Competitive Examination for Recruitment to Grade III of the Sri Lanka Accountants' Service – 2012.

Please Refer the Gazette Notice: Sinhala, English, Tamil


Second list kawadada ganne

Second list kawadada ganne

second list



Mate adenavooooo apey result thopila kawade danne??????? wikara hatha...umbela makebawiyala....... apey life winase kerana hatha.... booru ralle


i wana kw y d hell Direct list is not yet issued--u dogs! we are waisting our lifes...... go & *******

261 form eka kohinda labaganne kiyala oyala dannawada

261 form eka kohinda labaganne kiyala oyala dannawada,
nic phoro copy eka kawda sahathika karanne,
illana forms aug 01 st fill karala aragena yanna onada,

aney pls help to me

gUYS WHO EVER gt appointment letters, pls share with us what they have mentioned there...I faced interview frm Direct Basis.Any one else who faced frm Direct basis..pls tel..ull kw any thing when our selected list will be released

There is issue for direct

There is issue for direct appointment list. So they postponed to release that list. don't know exact date.

my deepest sympathy for me.....

when will direct list for Srilanka Accountacy will be released??????????????? aiyyo api maha paw kareyo..ths exam system ruin our whole soul........ my deepest sympathy for me.....

second list

second list ekak gannawada accountanla kisima manushsathawayak nathi ayada mokawath thorathurak na

appoinment letters

samahara ayata appoinment letters labilalu.thawama nolabuna aya poddak wimasillen inna. heta obe dinaya wiya hakie. c yo

appointment letters

ane mata thama appointment letters hambawune nene,

appointment letters

matath letters me dan post eke labuna,

second list

Second list 1k gan na.danma idan ready wela next time exam pass wenna. highest marks gaththoth bayawenna deyak ne. cut off marks walata wada gannona. nathnam subject 6tama 40ta wada thibunath wedak na. open - 50% limited - 35% direct - 15% percentage 1ta match wenna ganna puluwan awama cutoff 1 thamai deela thiyanne.

Hi Anu wijesundara, Direct

Hi Anu wijesundara,
Direct basis results has not yet been released....... ..do u have any idea when will they release it?/ y dnt they will b recruited with open & limited batch at tge same tym??

Direct recruitment

Actually i dnt know abt direct recruitment. did u call 2 treasury or, ministry of finance?

YAEH THEY dnts ay any thing

YAEH THEY dnts ay any thing exactly..... tahts d issue..i wana kw at least ims elected r not.....i ddnt kw that it will b ths much late

gal mull katha kerath umbela

gal mull katha kerath umbela katha karane naha neda...thopila maha irisiyakara hatha...... umbelata hodak webne epa.......moosaleyooo

appointment letters

They will send appointment letters before one week, most probably next week. Training will start on 1st of August.

Pls reply fr gord sake

aney if any 1 kw what will happen to people who went fr Direct base interview?????????????????? pls reply..its almost one month aftr interview...mate dan epa wela...no1 kws any thing..dnt feel jealousy guys..tell us...umbela maha kuhekaya............

appointment letters

oyalata letters thama awe nedda,thorathurak gena danne nedda,pls reply,

appointment letters

They will send appointment letters before one week.


aney mey watheyak wen aepa hallo..... u at least kw whthr ull selected r nt... they will recruit ull...bt us,,,,v dnt kw whthr we are selected r not..... we have to wait & c..... if u dnt want ths job, let me have... nikan pendek wenna epa



second list

kawadda second ist eka damanne
ganna padanama mokakda




appointment letters kawadda enne,aug 01st hariyatamama recruit karanawada dannawada,
dan inna company eketa one month prior notice denna onane,e hinda danna kenek innawanam reply karanna,

B happy

Guys b hapy .. even u ddnt get letters u kw fr sure that u have been selected.... Kp ur current wrking plc informed..Im soo sad bcz i went fr interview by "Direct Recruitment" basis & our interview resluts nt yet relaesed.... no 1 kws what i shapening to us... even the people in this forum are sooo jerks, selfish idiots who dnt like to share what they kw..........

appointement letters

katahari appointment letters labunada,kawadda labenne kiyala oyala dannawada,

danna taramin katawat

danna taramin katawat letteras labila ney but dan enna kaley nam ari neyda

second list

second list eka koheda

Palath Sabaha

Palath Saba Wisuruwa harima nisa.... accounts service recruitments delay weida??????If ull kw tell me pls pls & plssss

Second list eka ko

Second list eka ko

Secod LIST

wHT IS THIS SECOND LIST GUYS???? I DNT UNDERSTAND ANY THING...... pls tell me who said thr is a second list.......

niw list

accountancy boad ekawath danwannako aya list ekakak gannawada nadda kiyala please

No more list

No more list,,sorry.com.. bydw u faced interview & ddnt get selected da?? by which category??

migara dinesh's picture

katahari gedarata appinment

katahari gedarata appinment letter1 lebunada?. e pilibadawa visthara danwanna.weda karana thenetadenum dennna oona.training thiyanawanan colombing bodimak hoya gannath epai.e gena thorathuru danna kenek danwanna.
thank you.

Merit Baisi Interview

Any 1 who faced Interviw frm Merit basis??? if so pls reply...... when will our list will b released????????????????????// aiyyo u guys are jerks


Dear Sir,

Vacancies tiyeddi,pass una aya ai gan natte

C ongratz for my sisters &

C ongratz for my sisters & brothers who gt selected..others dnt worry! u might get better chances..even i dnt kw my results yet

Results out

aCCOUNTS sERVICE open/ limited results has been released...... what happend to merit basis recritment???????????????? any 1 kws>>>>

niw list

niw list ekak gannawanam danwanna wagakiwauthu aya danwnnako..........................

migara dinesh's picture

 go and see the psc web side

 go and see the psc web side


hey u guys soo lazy wake up??? any1 called psc??? thopila call karapala nikan uda balagena inne nathuwa.....

august 1st

I cld to psc, last wednesday. eyala kiwa august 1st dat eka danata dalatiyenne kiyala...

niw list

aluthlist eka gana thoraturu monawada

wht is the number to call

Hey wahat is the number you called??? bcz wen ever i call taht lady says they can't say exact information.... so pls tell me the no..bydw if we get selected we will get a tym to inform our current wrk plc??? bcz need to give at least 1 month notice....
anyw hope we'll get a news soon....

niw list

inteviw kala aya thawama ganne naththe aluth list ekaka gannanisada visthara danwannako

news about appointment

Dear sir/madam,

appointment gena aluthma thathwaya kiyanna


Guys..i dnt understand y u all put comments as "Pls sir.." "plz..sir subject 6 tama 40 ta wadi ayagen new list 1 ganna.api godak balaporothuwen me exam 1 kale.apitath chance 1 denna.aaye exam karannath ba.plz sir me gana salaka balanna.." ?????

do people in govlk.com involved in Selecting the candidates??? dnt b such desperate guys!! u have to keep watching PSC....... tHEY WILL UPDTAE THE LIST THERE..NO NEED OF PUTTING COMMENTS LIKE..PLS SIR HUG MY BACK OR WASH MY ASS.........
go & have a lyf......


plz..sir subject 6 tama 40 ta wadi ayagen new list 1 ganna.api godak balaporothuwen me exam 1 kale.apitath chance 1 denna.aaye exam karannath ba.plz sir me gana salaka balanna..