2012/2013 SLAS Exams Interviews


pls help

pls help me..I am in a doubt..
I sat for SLAS 2010 exam held on 2011 may..but I didn't select.then I applied for SLAS 2011 ,where the exam held on 2012 .but i didn't sat for the exam..shall I b able to apply and sit for the next SLAS exam..bcoz,in the gazette it is mentioned only 2 times acceptable..pls advice...

When is the SLEAS 2013

Can i know when is the SLEAS exams for the year 2013?

Interview Tpoics

Interview topics have been changed from the last exam!

Topics for this interview are,

1. Economics trends of Sri Lanka (based on central bank report)

2. Social and political structure of Sri Lanka

3. Global Trends

4. Development activities of Sri Lanka.

Facing the interview on 17th!

Best of luck for all the candidates. :)

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interview lettereka

interview lettereka ada awa.17 thiyenne.eke topics 4i thiyenne.ekak "sri lankawe samaja ha deshapalana wiuhaya"(social and political structure of sri lanka)eka harima pulul mathrukawakne.giya para interviewekata a topiceka thibunada.ethakota (constitution) gana me para nane.ihatha topicekatama  andukrama wyawasthawa gana anthargathada?eka pahadili nane.naththan andukrama wyawasthawa gana balanna one nadda?me gana danna kenek innawanan mekata danawada?giya para interview therunu kenek innawanan a para liume apu topics tika mekata a widihatma danawada.ethakota compare karanna puluwan.

anit topics monawada plzz

anit topics monawada plzz

me para balanna ona oya tika

me para balanna ona oya tika vitharai.giya para law, constitution,CB report,management and IT walin thama ahuwe.me para oya tikenui ahanne


Dear Friends,

It is said that interview subjects has been changed.
1.Central Bank Report
2.Economic trends of Sri Lanka.
3.Developments of SL
4.Global Social & Political current issues.

Five questions will be asked on above topics.
Interviews on 16th & 17th.

Interviews on 16th & 17th

SLAS (open)2011(2012)Interviews to be held on 16th & 17th. Await the letters tommorow.

me para slas open kidenek

me para slas open kidenek gannawada.. 122 da natnam ita wada ganida

Result plz

Result plz

slas exam results 2011 (2012)

I want to know SLAS exam results in 2011 (2012)

SLAS Open 2011 (2012) Results


Only the candidates selected for the interview are listed!

Interview Letter

If you are selected, interview calling letter will arrive, most probably, this week or next week.

interview eke prashna ahana

interview eke prashna ahana topics monawada

Interview Tpoics


replies okkoma hodata balanna..

thanxx me para ki denek

thanxx me para ki denek badawa gannawada slas open

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